Does your residential roof need some help? Don’t wait until you’ve got a leak to do something about the condition of your homes first defense. A-Team Construction is an exterior remodeling company that specializes in quality residential roofing services throughout the Twin Cities. Our Minnesota roofing contractors can perform roof installation, shingle tear off and replacement, and storm damaged roof repairs. We are a GAF Certified team of roofing professionals offering the services you need, in a timely and professional manner.

Residential Roofing Experts

As GAF Certified Roofing Contractors, A-Team Construction has a wide variety of quality roofing materials that are designed specifically to last on Minnesota Residential Roofs for countless years to come. There’s much more than just shingle color to consider when choosing a professional roofing service. There are many critical aspects of a roof’s design and construction that come into play, such as the waterproof barrier protection that should be laid systematically prior to any shingles to prevent ice dams, attic ventilation vents, the already mentioned shingles and hip and ridge caps. Installed properly as a system you can expect our quality roofing materials to last a good 30 years, if not longer.

A-Team has access to all shingle manufacturers such as GAF, Certainteed, IKO, Owens Corning, to list a few.

Choose Your Residential Roofing Contractor Wisely

Quality materials are of vital importance when choosing to install, re-roof, repair or replace your entire system but according to the FAQ page for GAF more than two-thirds of roofing problems are directly because of the installers and not the product used. Our GAF certified Minnesota Roofing Professionals are highly trained, experienced and meticulous in complete efforts to ensure that your roof is installed to perform and protect your home at the height of its capabilities.

Signs your Roof needs Replacement:

  • Curling, Discolored, Crumbling and otherwise Damaged Shingles

  • Missing Shingles

  • The age of your Roof is around 20 years

  • Sagging of Roof Deck

  • Ceiling Stains that may indicate Roofing Leaks

  • Your able to see through your Roof in the Attic

A-Team Exterior Remodeling suggests the best way to get an idea of your roof’s condition is going up to check it out, up close and personal. However, that task may be a bit intimidating for people that don’t make it a job profession or depending on the pitch and angle of your roof.

Home Roofing Services:

Roofing Installation – Construction of a new home requires a lot, hire our professional roofing team to ensure the first line of protection on your new home is doing what it should and you won’t have to worry about problems coming down and ruining you brand new home.

Re-Roofing – Depending on your roofs condition and how many layers of shingles it currently has, placing shingles on top of the current ones may be an affordable roofing option we can provide you with.

Roof Replacement – If you have 3 layers or have continuous problems with the roof that has been previously installed prior to contacting us we may recommend and entire new roofing system, which includes shingle tear of and waterproof lining replacement.

Roof Repairs – Insurance restoration is a service we make easier for our clients. We work with you to handle the insurance companies. For hassle free, easy for you insurance claim roofing repairs – trust in us!

GAF Certified Residential Roofer in MN

We have been in the roofing industry for years and will be for years to come, don’t get caught up in the numbers game, a long term investment is one that pays off for years to come, not one that is dirt cheap. We offer our professional roofing services for the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area and make sure our prices are competitive and our service and results are unmatched.

Contact A-Team Construction and Remodeling today for a Residential Roofing Specialist to come out and take a look at your roof’s condition and roofing service requests at (763) 710-9955.