professional ice dam services


 The beautiful winter wonderland we all love to see around the holidays isn’t always so welcome to a home that’s ill-prepared for winter storms and colder weather. Even living in Minnesota, homeowners don’t always consider every part of winter preparation when they’re getting their homes and vehicles ready for the cold and ice. As you make your home ready for the winter this year,don’t forget to add ice dam prevention to your list of things to do. By taking it upon yourself to make sure your home is protected against ice dams, you can save yourself a lot of worry – and money – by protecting your roof. Need an ice dam prevention contractor in Blaine, Anoka, Andover, Ham Lake, or Coon Rapids, MN? A-Team Construction and Remodeling is here to help.

What are Ice Dams?

Having to contend with falling icicles, hail storms, and snow is enough for any homeowner, but make sure you think to protect against ice dams, as well, so that you can avoid the damage these icy buildups can cause to your home. An ice dam is created in the gutters of your home, starting with a buildup of gutter debris. When pine needles, leaves, seed pods, and muck collect, they allow for pools of water to lay dormant. Once the colder weather sets in, these pools freeze in your gutter, and the more snow, ice, and rain we see, the larger these icy buildups (ice dams) become.

Why are Ice Dams Dangerous?

Ice dams may seem like an innocent enough problem; it’s just ice water, right? Wrong. When ice dams form, they’re heavy enough to cause serious damage to your gutters and your roof. In addition to the dangers posed by icicles forming on ice dams, or ice dams falling themselves, you have to consider the possibility of ice dams damaging your home. When ice remains too long on your roof, the moisture will work its way under your shingles, and eventually it will reach the inside of your roof. This can cause serious leaks and poor insulation. With any luck, you’ll be able to catch the problem quickly, but leaks aren’t always obvious – and they aren’t always confined to one small area of your roof.

Preventing Ice Dams

Now you’re probably wondering “how can I prevent ice dams?” Once you understand how dangerous ice dams can be for the stability of your roof, you understand why it’s important to prevent them. So how do we prevent ice dams? By cleaning your gutters and removing all of the debris buildup, we can ensure water and ice can’t be trapped in your gutters and form ice dams. It’s as simple as that! The trick is to make sure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly every time there’s a buildup of debris, which can be after a serious storm or after a few months of leaves and seeds dropping from trees in the fall. If you’re looking for an ice dam prevention contractor in Blaine, Anoka, Andover, Ham Lake, or Coon Rapids, Minnesota, give A-Team Construction and Remodeling a call at (763) 710-9955, or email us at