Residential windows say a lot about a home. If you’re looking to replace your home’s windows and doors, you’re where you need to be. A-Team Construction and Remodeling offers window installation and replacement services for residential properties in the Twin Cities. It truly takes a licensed professional to install a window that will keep your home looking as beautiful as it is protected. The correct windows, installed properly will add style and comfort. Old, drafty and outdated windows will take away from both the appearance and the efficiency of your home.

Window Installation Services

If you’re building the home of your dreams, don’t forget about the windows. With every room having windows, it’ll most certainly be an aspect of your new home you can’t avoid. Windows help with everything from circulation to lighting. Did you know adding windows will make a space look bigger? And not to mention they can add a view. But if you choose the wrong window selection and crew for installation you might end up covering that view, years before you thought you were going to need to. For both beautiful and efficient window and door selection and installation contact A-Team Construction, we’ll install your windows right, the first time.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements


It pays to be energy wise, the average Minnesota energy bill is around $120 dollars. If you’re paying more than your neighbor for home energy we just may be the solution you need. It’s time to stop paying for energy, just to have it go out the window, or door; make a change, lower your carbon footprint and add beauty all at the same time with the help of our window replacement services.

New Windows for Year Round Home Comfort

Ahh, there’s nothing like a fresh strip of caulk on your windows come winter and don’t forget the wrinkle free plastic film to accompany it… Not only do these solutions for drafty windows add to your home’s beauty but they are virtually maintenance-less. Okay, okay, that’s enough sarcasm for now but we’re sure if you live in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN you know exactly what we mean. The dreaded and unsightly winter home prep. One of the main reasons you own a hairdryer and obsess about wrinkles… A-Team has your solution – skip the fleece, put down the hairdryer and relax because our air tight window installation and replacement services can help you and everyone else inside your home. Give yourself one less thing to do with the help of our expert window installation team. Our services also help your air conditioner keep the house cool in the summer, with less stress.

Residential Window & Door Replacement Contractor

Are you a big foot when it comes to your energy consumption? If so, your windows and doors could be a major aspect to blame. If you’ve giving up on your windows, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. They could easily be spending your hard earned money, don’t let energy waste go on any further, contact A-Team Construction and Remodeling to take charge of your monthly energy bills today.

Look at your window. What is it saying about you? If you don’t like what you see contact our expert window replacement contractors if you’re in St. Paul or Minneapolis, MN (763) 710-9955.